EU Turns Its Back on Lithuania, Poland on Policy Toward Russia

Sally McNamara /

European Union ministers are pressuring Poland and Lithuania to endorse the EU’s business-as-usual approach toward Russia, despite the fact that Russia remains in violation of the EU-negotiated truce over the Russian-Georgian war. The EU apparently wants to have Poland and Lithuania on board for this scurrilous betrayal, so that it is seen to “speak with one voice” on foreign policy.

Poland and Lithuania are right to stick to their guns on this one and put their principles above political expediency, not to mention their own security. Russia recently announced that it will deploy short-range missiles in the Baltic outpost of Kaliningrad, which lies between Poland and Lithuania.

It is shameful that fellow EU members are turning their backs on Warsaw and Vilnius in favor of an increasingly aggressive and authoritarian regime. Then again, the EU has ignored the peoples of France, Holland and Ireland who rejected the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty in free and fair referenda, so it should come as no surprise that EU elites’ ears are closed to newer EU members.