The Federal Government Must Investigate This Election

Conn Carroll /

The Volokh Conspiracy‘s Todd Zywicki flags this video from an ABC affiliate in Atlanta, Georgia. This one television station identified more than 100,000 people who were registered to vote in both Georgia and also either Ohio or Florida. Despite the fact that this report aired before election day and involved only three cities, the station already identified three people that appear to have voted twice, and another 11 that could have. Zywicki comments:

One really key concern that this story suggests is the potential for fraud among college students. Because there is no law that requires you to unregister in one state if you register in another, it is very easy to register in a new state and still vote in your old state (leaving aside the ethics of college students voting in a state where they have no plan to establish permanent residency). I really hope that this is not a big problem, but I fear that this hope may be somewhat naive.

The Georgia Secretary of State had promised an investigation into the problem, telling WSBTV: “You vote where you live. You don’t get to pick and choose based on what is a battleground state.”