Bell Ringers

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A Round-up of Op-Eds by The Heritage Foundation

Financial Forensics – Ed Feulner
Yet Fannie and Freddie evaded attempts to regulate them. A big reason is that they cultivated powerful friends in Congress, such as Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn. As chair of the Senate banking committee, he pocketed more than $165,000 in campaign contributions from people associated with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.[…]

A Model of Successful Education Reform – Dan Lips
Thanks largely to the leadership of former Gov. Jeb Bush, Florida implemented sweeping education reforms to set challenging standards, expand school choice options, hold public schools and students accountable for results, and improve teacher quality. Some of Florida’s most promising reforms include[…]

ANALYSIS: Deflate Balloon of Entitlements – Stuart Butler
Lesson one is transparency: If we can see the problem, we can focus on fixing it. Unfortunately, the congressional budget process keeps the looming entitlement crisis hidden from the public. Budgets typically look only at entitlement costs over the next five years, completely ignoring later years when an aging population will make costs explode[…]

Democrats Behind CRA Cover-Up – Ernest Istook
The left knows that whoever shapes public understanding of what caused today’s economic crisis can shape America’s politics — and its future — for a great many years to come. Thus, they’re pushing the notion that too little government regulation was at fault.[…]