Conservationists Are Only Tilting at Windmills

Conn Carroll /

A Barton, Md., reader of the Cumberland Times pierces through the doublespeak of environmental groups that advocate conservation as the key to avoiding imminent power shortages in the region. Responding to power company admonitions that the public needs to conserve more, he writes:

Lady, I’m retired, on Social Security, over 70 years old and sitting in my house wearing a sweater. We put the efficient bulbs in a good while back. And believe me, sweet heart, by the time I get done paying your soon to be 71% increase in power rates, maybe even more, I’ll know the full meaning of conserving, if I don’t freeze first!

The letter writer goes on to point out that the windmills being pushed on Maryland residents as a solution to their energy needs “are lucky if they produce below a half to one third” of their projected output each month. Instead, he advocates for more nuclear power, whic,  as Heritage analyst Jack Spencer points out, “is emissions-free, affordable, proven and safe.