52% of Americans Want Congress to Repeal or Scale Back Obamacare

Rob Bluey /

A new Gallup poll reveals that a majority of Americans remain strongly opposed to Obamacare — 52 percent want Congress to either repeal the law entirely or scale it back. That’s an increase of 2 percentage points from mid-October.

Gallup’s latest poll was conducted Dec. 3-4, just as Obama launched his public-relations campaign to sell the health care law to the American public. Here’s the breakdown:


The new survey is more bad news for the Obama Administration. After two months of stories about insurance cancellations, premium increases, and a botched launch of HealthCare.gov, Americans’ attitudes about Obamacare have turned increasingly negative.

Last month, two Gallup polls revealed:

The good news, according to Gallup’s latest poll, is that Americans are looking for change. Heritage’s alternative to Obamacare puts the focus on individuals and families. It offers plan to lower costs and improve health care quality.