What Scary Movie Most Resembles Obamacare?

Alicia M. Cohn /

What scary movie or TV show does Obamacare remind you of?

Our social media followers had plenty of creative suggestions, ranging from the classic to the obscure. “The Walking Dead” was a popular suggestion. On Google Plus, Liza G. suggested the alien TV show “V.” And according to @122R1 on Twitter, there’s an episode of “The Twilight Zone” with a similar theme of invaders with a subtle plan for domination.

Watch the video to see what Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) said. Check out some of the other ideas people submitted below, and send us yours!

@JimDeMint @SenMikeLee how bout The Walking Dead when people actually get obamacare

— Brendan Quinn (@MonetaryWiz) October 31, 2013


@JimDeMint @SenMikeLee was going to say “28 Days Later”, but the website is still broken. So, “28 Weeks Later”

— 1800 (@1800tweets) October 31, 2013


@JimDeMint @SenMikeLee I think the walking dead describes Obama Care.

— Anthony Grimm (@anthonygrimm) October 31, 2013


@JimDeMint @Heritage @SenMikeLee ‘The Birds’ – pecking and pecking

— mspmom63 (@mspmom63) October 31, 2013


@JimDeMint @Heritage @SenMikeLee Night of the Living Dead

— Mark DeSantis (@bosoxmd) October 31, 2013


@JimDeMint “Something Wicked This Way Comes”

— Darryl Heath (@TheLionKing7) October 31, 2013


@JimDeMint @Heritage @SenMikeLee Plan9 from Outer Space. Ed Wood better director than Obama is president.

— Brian Alan (@bat211) October 31, 2013


@JimDeMint @SenMikeLee the movie should be “It.” One more clown wouldn’t hurt, right? The left and the progressive right has lots already.

— Prepper Politics (@PrepperPolitics) October 31, 2013


@JimDeMint @Heritage @SenMikeLee A new movie called “The Purge.”

— PT © (@TracyGorman) October 31, 2013


@JimDeMint @SenMikeLee No, ‘The Thing’. Alien from space that morphs to look attractive then grows claws to tear you apart. #tcot #p2

— Squeaky Wheel (@GetsGreased) October 31, 2013