Ann Coulter’s Secret for Beating the Fact Checkers

Crystal Goodremote /

In a time when many pundits have ghostwriters, Ann Coulter told the Heritage Bloggers Briefing today that she does her own research and really enjoys writing her columns and books.

“I do way more research than a normal person,” she said. “For even one sentence or one joke I might have 20 pages of research notes to make sure the joke is right.”

And that means she welcomes scrutiny from “fact checkers”—Coulter said that she is not afraid to write pieces that may cause controversy because she knows that everything she writes is factual.

She revisited some of her favorite columns for her latest book, Never Trust a Liberal Over 3, even as she gives conservatives some tough words about moving forward.

Watch the video to hear Coulter’s remarks on immigration reform, Obamacare, and how the Senate does not reflect the views of the American people.