Stories Flood In: Obamacare Hiked My Insurance

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Last week, Heritage asked: “How much is your health insurance going up?”

Readers answered. But every day, more people are receiving letters from insurers delivering the news about Obamacare’s impact on individual insurance plans.

Here are more answers from Twitter sent in using the hashtag #ObamaHikes:

From $1002 to $1980 = 98% #obamahikes

— Wendie Sanders (@wendiewill) October 11, 2013


@Heritage #obamahikes

— Michael Christiano (@christiano1216) October 10, 2013


@JimDeMint Premium Increase! Hooray! #ObamaHikes

— Laurie (@BlueAngel807) October 14, 2013


#ObamaHikes I lost my insurance plan with BCBS of AL thanks to #ObamaCare.

— Tina Parker Attorney (@TinaMParker) October 14, 2013


@Heritage Kaiser is canceling the policy I like & replacement is 92% more w/ 40% copay I didn’t have B4! #ObamaHikes

— Tom Cruz’n (@TinPotDickTator) October 13, 2013


@JimDeMint #obamahikes I have a separate chart with the plans. DM me if you want more info. #tcot #Obamacare

— Dan Anderson (@dtanderson10) October 12, 2013


My family member’s letter raising his insurance premiums from $58/mo to $2,031.78/mo !!!! #ObamaHikes #Obamacare

— John McNamara (@DrMac75) October 11, 2013

Lost mine months ago! RT @TinaMParker: #ObamaHikes I lost my insurance plan with BCBS of AL thanks to #ObamaCare.

— Joel (@joeldulaney) October 15, 2013


A few of you had more to say and strong points to share on Facebook:

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