Climate Change: Lessons Learned from Around the World

Katie Tubb /



If it ain’t broke, the government will break it for you. That seems to be the lesson to draw from other nations that have implemented climate change energy plans similar to the ones Obama recently proposed in his Climate Action Plan.

With the expected and unanticipated costs of climate change programs becoming apparent around the world, America should reject such economically foolhardy plans for otherwise unnoticeable environmental benefits from cutting carbon emissions. Someone always has to pay the bill, whether that’s businesses, consumers, taxpayers, or the politically powerless. That’s one reason why it makes sense to leave decisions about how our energy is made and how much it costs to the market—that is, businesses and their customers.

Another good reason: No matter how well intentioned, when it comes to centrally planning and mandating our energy choices, government does a better job at breaking things than fixing them.