What Is Vote-a-Rama? Watch Our Google+ Hangout at Noon ET Today

T. Elliot Gaiser /

Why does President Obama have time to release his final four picks for the NCAA basketball tournament, but can’t meet the federal budget deadline?

For the past two weeks in Washington, Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) have squared off in a battle over the federal budget, each outlining a vastly different vision for America’s future. They’re just two of several budget plans offered in Congress this year. While Obama’s budget is missing, today the Senate is finally having a full-fledged budget debate for the first time in four years.

What does it all mean? Join us at noon ET today for our Google+ Hangout as we examine today’s vote-a-rama in the Senate and tackle other issues happening in Washington this week.

Our panel includes:

Heritage Action is tracking the Senate’s vote-a-rama and offering the latest updates amendments. Meanwhile, here is additional Heritage research on the budget proposals offered in Congress this month: