National School Choice Week: Parents Hold the Key to Advancing Choice

It is an exciting time for all! National School Choice Week is in full swing, highlighting all kinds of educational options for families across America. I am excited to have joined the National School Choice Week “Special,” a whistle-stop train tour in support of school choice. Meeting parents and advocates from across the country is inspirational. There is no doubt in my mind that there is more support for school choice in America than ever before. This is an issue that can unite all Americans.

National School Choice Week is a time for parents to stand and demand that those in power pay attention to the state of education in their own backyards. Lawmakers must ask, “Is our state doing everything possible to provide families with educational opportunities?” Throughout my time on this tour, and throughout my experience working with parents over many years, I have realized that when legislators hear from actual parents and listen to their stories, the pace of reform can move much more quickly.

This week, there have been 3,600 events across America to celebrate National School Choice Week, with two-thirds of America’s governors proclaiming “School Choice Week” in their states. The voice of parents is louder than the voices of those who want to maintain the status quo.

As I’ve learned in Washington, D.C., and throughout the country, the voices of parents and children must always be present. And they must be loud and enthusiastic. It can’t just be for one week. This is a sustained effort—or, at least, it must be for parents and kids to win this fight.

After National School Choice Week, parents can take their enthusiasm to support school choice at hearings, rallies, and public events.

It may seem like a tough road to advance school choice across the country, but parents have done it, and other parents must do it, too, to ensure that future generations have even better opportunities. We have seen children thrive as a result of school choice, and parents become engaged in their children’s educational journeys. Now is the time for parents across the nation to stand shoulder to shoulder and fight to create and protect school choice options that put students and families first. We must work together to provide the best possible education for each individual child—too much is at stake.

Together, we can make it happen.