Honduras – Obama Can Run with the Pack or Lead

Ray Walser /

On July 9, Costa Rican President Oscar Arias began a very difficult process of seeking to mediate a restoration of constitutional order in Honduras. It is a thorny challenge, given the sharp divisions between Mr. Manuel Zelaya, ex-President of Honduras, and the new reconstituted government, led by Robert Micheletti. The current incumbents in office feel very firmly that what they did on June 28th was an action aimed at protecting the Constitution, its system of checks and balances, and democracy against Mr. Zelaya’s illegalities. They also feel they took a major step in battling the rising tide of authoritarian-populism represented by Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez.

A critical body of U.S. congressional leadership has spoken effectively on issues of the legality of Mr. Zelaya’s removal from office. Their statements are must-viewing/-reading for anyone concerned about the Honduran crisis. Particularly valuable is Senator Jim DeMint’s interchange with the nominee for the chief Latin American position at the State Department on July 8. (more…)