Time Wasting on Nuclear Power

Jack Spencer /

The Heritage Foundation on Tuesday released the above chart headlined U.S. a Nonstarter in Nuclear Power. The point of the chart was to show those who continue to question the value of nuclear power that other countries are making concrete decisions and moving forward in earnest.

Unfortunately, some felt the chart sent the wrong message. By not explicitly putting the U.S. on the chart, they argued, we misrepresented the status of nuclear power’s comeback here.

It’s true that 17 utilities and consortia are in the permitting process to build up to 30 new nuclear reactors. But the fact remains:  None has started construction and much remains to ensure those 30 units will go beyond the permitting process and actually get built.

If it were simply a question of process, then perhaps the nation could rest assured that those reactors would be built. But it’s not. This remains a question of policy. Will the U.S. develop a sustainable nuclear waste management policy? Without a rational policy,  there is no nuclear renaissance. (more…)