The Daily Signal believes it’s of paramount importance to publish accurate information and be transparent with our readers when we make a mistake.

Our team of editors and reporters is committed to correcting errors promptly to uphold the highest level of trust with our audience. Below is our corrections policy, which outlines what we do when an error is identified in our content.

Identifying Errors

  • Internal Review: Prior to publication, our editorial team thoroughly reviews all content to identify any factual inaccuracies, typographical errors, or other mistakes.
  • External Feedback: We encourage our audience to report any potential errors to us. This can be done by emailing We read all of your emails and appreciate your assistance.

Types of Corrections

  • Minor Corrections: These include typographical errors and misspellings that do not alter the overall understanding of the article.
    • Procedure: The correction will be made directly within the article without a formal correction notice.
  • Major Corrections: These involve significant factual errors, misleading statements, or omissions that impact the reader’s understanding of the article.
    • Procedure: The correction will be prominently noted in the article and an explanation of the correction will be provided.
  • Clarifications: These are issued when the content may be technically correct but could benefit from additional context or explanation to prevent misunderstandings.
    • Procedure: The clarification will be made to the relevant section of the article and explained in the article.
  • Retractions: In rare cases where an article is found to be fundamentally flawed and misleading, a retraction may be issued.
    • Procedure: The original article will be replaced with a retraction notice and linking to any corrected information if applicable.

Correction Submission and Review Process

  • Submission: Errors can be reported by anyone to Submissions should include the article title, publication date, a description of the error, the internet URL (if available), and the correct information.
  • Review: The editorial team will review the reported error, consult relevant sources, and determine the accuracy of the claim.
  • Action: If an error is confirmed, the appropriate correction type will be identified, and the necessary changes will be made promptly.

Notifying Our Audience

All corrections, clarifications, and retractions will be clearly labeled and explained within the affected content. For information shared on social media, we will post updates and corrections on the same platforms.


This corrections policy helps ensure The Daily Signal maintains its commitment to accuracy, transparency, and accountability in all our reporting. We hold ourselves to the highest journalistic standards. Our corrections policy is designed to ensure you can trust the integrity of our work.