It was January 2017 and President Donald Trump had just arrived in the Oval Office. The Women’s March took to the streets of Washington, D.C., proclaiming a message of “strength,” but Sarah Stonestreet didn’t see empowerment. She saw anger. 

“The overarching message was [a] middle finger to the chauvinistic world,” Stonestreet says of the marchers, adding that the underlying theme appeared to be “pursue your own happiness, no matter the casualties.” 

With three daughters of her own, Stonestreet didn’t want the Women’s March to tell her daughters—or women across America, for that matter—what it means to be a strong woman. So she took action and started a podcast to speak truth into the lives of girls and women. 

Now, every week on the “Strong Women” podcast, Stonestreet sits down with other women such as Joni Eareckson Tada, Kori Robertson, and Katy Faust to ask them to share their stories of overcoming hardship to daily live out what it means to be a woman clothed in strength. 

Stonestreet joins the “Problematic Women” podcast to answer two major questions: What is a strong woman? And what does the Bible say about what it means to be a woman of integrity and courage?

Listen to the podcast below: