Conservatives must be vigilant about big corporations that seek to “cancel” those with differing political views, former Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron warns.

Cameron, a Republican, ran for governor in 2023, but lost to Democratic incumbent Gov. Andy Beshear. He now serves as CEO of the 1792 Exchange, a nonprofit organization that “seeks to preserve freedom by partnering with allies to steer public companies back to neutral on divisive, ideological issues,” according to its website.

Cameron discussed with “The Daily Signal Podcast” what he says is the biggest threat to American business: Many publicly traded companies no longer focus on return on investments to shareholders.

“We don’t need companies built on diversity, equity, and inclusion,” he told The Daily Signal. “We need companies built on excellence, merit, and intelligence.”

Cameron spoke to The Daily Signal at the Road to Majority conference of the Faith & Freedom Coalition on June 21 in Washington.

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