America is “turning the corner” toward recognizing the harms to children of transgender ideology, says a Daily Signal journalist who recently published a bestselling book on the subject. 

In an interview with Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts, Daily Signal senior reporter Mary Margaret Olohan shared what has encouraged her while reporting on the controversies surrounding child gender-reassignment procedures. Olohan is the author of “Detrans: True Stories of Escaping the Gender Ideology Cult,” which tells the stories of several young people who regret pursuing puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and even surgeries to try to live as the other sex.   

“I’m amazed to see who has kind of coalesced to fight gender ideology,” Olohan said on “The Kevin Roberts Show” podcast. “The amount of activists who, I would say, are not conservative at all, but I’m interacting with on a daily basis, I’m constantly shocked.” 

Olohan added, “It’s really beautiful to see who’s willing to set aside political differences and to fight for our kids in this day and age.”  

The journalist also applauded the increased corporate media coverage of detransitioners, the growing number of lawsuits against the doctors who misled them, state laws banning the procedures for minors, and what she called “a huge tonal shift” in how Republican politicians message the issue.

“So, I think we’re turning the corner when it comes to this issue, especially because most Americans don’t support these types of procedures,” Olohan said, “when you poll them accurately.”

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