Parents—not schools—should be in control of how they introduce and discuss the cultural push for radical gender ideology to their children, says Alleigh Marré, executive director of the American Parents Coalition.

The American Parents Coalition focuses on education, culture, and health care through the lens of parental rights. The group gives parents tools on how to discuss the culture wars with their children, their local schools, and medical professionals, Marré told The Daily Signal.

“Parental authority is being undermined at every turn,” the mom of three—and soon to be four—said.

Parents should ask their children’s teachers and coaches about their school’s policies, such as whether males who identify as females are allowed on girls’ sports teams, Marré says.

“We should not be approaching every teacher as if they have an agenda. However, you shouldn’t do that blindly,” she said, adding that parents should meet with their children’s teachers to determine whether they are on the same page about the proper relationship between parents and schools.

The Daily Signal spoke to Marré at the Road to Majority Conference of the Faith & Freedom Coalition on Friday, where she spoke on a panel about parental rights in education, alongside Parents Defending Education senior adviser Michele Exner.

Marré discusses social media, the Biden administration’s efforts to radically reinterpret Title IX, and defending family values with “The Daily Signal Podcast.”

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