After transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney endorsed Bud Light last April, the beer brand lost about 25% of its sales in subsequent weeks. Bud Light’s website currently includes no sign of celebrating LGBTQ consumers.

This Pride Month, however, as the list below reveals, many companies continued to signal support for and seek the business of LGBTQ individuals by advertising Pride-themed merchandise on their websites. 

Others discreetly showed their support by not featuring Pride-related products on homepages but tucking away statements of support elsewhere on their websites. 

Nine companies on this list of 63 said they donate a share of proceeds to The Trevor Project, a nonprofit specializing in suicide prevention for youth who identify as LGBTQ.  

And although this article focuses on private-sector companies that celebrate Pride Month, public-sector examples abound. NASA, for instance, a U.S. government agency, expressed its support for LGBTQ individuals in a June 1 post on X, stating: “There’s space for everyone—all genders and orientations—in exploration and discovery.” 

Here are 63 companies that touted their participation in Pride Month this year. 

  1. Abercrombie & Fitch: The specialty clothing retailer says it’s donating $400,000 to The Trevor Project and releasing a “Made With Pride” collection. The clothing line includes 30 “gender-inclusive garments designed for summer festival and event outfitting.” 
  2. Adidas: The German sportswear company co-created a “Pride” collection with Brazilian artist Pabllo Vittar.  
  3. Airbnb: The rental company shared the top Pride celebrations in America attended by Gen Z and millennials this year, based on booked rentals. The cities of Cleveland and Charlotte, North Carolina, are identified as “emerging hotspots.”
  4. Amazon: From Pride flags to knee-high rainbow socks to plastic party necklaces in rainbow colors, Amazon’s The Everything Store markets related merchandise. 
  5. American Eagle: The parent company of Aerie, Unsubscribed, and Todd Snyder offers “The Pride Shop” on its website, featuring clothing designed with rainbows and T-shirts emblazoned with sayings such as “Ally,” “Queer,” and “Pride Is Every Single Day of the Year.”
  6. Apple: Like last year, the leading tech company has designed Pride-themed Apple Watch bands and “wallpaper” for other Apple devices. 
  7. Bank of America: On its website, the bank promotes a “Pride Ally” network that provides LGBTQ employees with “domestic partner benefits.”
  8. Ben & Jerry’s: The multinational ice cream brand expresses support for the LGBTQ agenda in a website section called “Issues We Care About.” It briefly recounts the recent history of LGBTQ rights in the U.S. and urges consumers to take action.   
  9. Betty Crocker: The food and recipe brand continues to feature Pride-inspired dessert recipes on its website. 
  10. BMW: The German luxury automobile company’s Group Pride Network works to support LGBTQ individuals.
  11. Build-A-Bear: The customizable teddy bear company highlights Pride-themed stuffed animals on its website, including rainbow-colored stuffed animals, Pride flag accessories, and rainbow outfits for the stuffed animals. 
  12. Calvin Klein: The U.S. fashion house featured model Cara Delevingne, actor-singer Jeremy Pope, and others in a sexualized video announcing its “This Is Love” campaign for Pride Month. 
  13. Chipotle: The international food chain brought back its “Love What Makes You Real” campaign, which includes employee uniforms that “highlight allyship and acceptance.” Chipotle employees will continue marching in Pride parades in the U.S. and Canada. 
  14. Coke: The Coca-Cola Co.’s website states that it supports Pride parades, advertises its products with rainbow-themed billboards, and backs LGBTQ organizations such as The Trevor Project.
  15. Converse: Converse employees who say they are LGBTQ, and their allies, created the concept for a “Proud to Be” collection that showcases “Western-inspired apparel and shoes that recognize the trailblazing spirit of the queer community.”
  16. CVS: The retail pharmacy chain features “LGBTQ+ owned or founded brands” on its website. 
  17. DC Comics: Just before Pride Month, the comic book publisher released an annual anthology that contains fan favorites among LGBTQ-themed stories. DC Comics, home of superheroes such as Batman and Superman, also created Pride merchandise for this year’s celebration.
  18. Walt Disney Co.: A “Pride Collection” of movies and TV shows is featured on the streaming service Disney+. The company’s amusement parks offer Pride merch and “photo experiences” for a limited time. 
  19. FedEx: The website of the transportation and e-commerce company includes a section stating FedEx’s support of the LGBTQ movement and noting that it’s been a donor to LGBTQ organizations such as The Trevor Project since 2017. 
  20. General Motors: The automaker’s website features a compilation video showcasing Pride flags flown at various GM facilities. GM also states its commitment to the LGBTQ movement.
  21. Google: Google says it is boosting LGBTQ-themed TV shows and providing live coverage of Pride parades. 
  22. Hershey: The confectionary company encourages employees to celebrate Pride Month throughout the Harrisburg and Philadelphia areas this summer. 
  23. H&M: The Sweden-based fast-fashion clothing company says on its website that it is participating in Pride marches in New York City and Los Angeles. H&M says it also supports The Trevor Project. 
  24. Hollister: The Abercrombie & Fitch-owned retail company released a 2024 pride collection which includes “six gender-neutral pieces.”
  25. J.Crew: The specialty retailer says it “proudly partnered” with PFLAG, an organization that supports LGBTQ individuals and their loved ones, to create a Pride-themed T-shirt. 
  26. Kate Spade New York: The fashion company released a Pride collection that features rainbow-colored bags, bandanas, jewelry, and phone cases. 
  27. Kay Jewelers: A section on its website, “Kiss With Pride,” showcases engagement and wedding rings with photos of gay couples. It also features a Pride-themed necklace, and Kay says it will donate $100 to a major LGBTQ rights group, the Human Rights Campaign, for each necklace purchase.
  28. Kohl’s: The department store chain released a “Pride capsule collection” of brightly colored products. Kohl’s says it is donating $100,000 to The Trevor Project “to support its free confidential crisis counseling.”
  29. Levi’s: The global leader in denim released a clothing collection inspired by “LGBTQIA+ rodeo culture from the ’70s to today.”
  30. Lime: The world’s largest electric scooter, bike, and moped-sharing company said it’s focusing on helping LGBTQ individuals to reach “Queer Third Spaces,” which essentially are “safe spaces” for them.
  31. LinkedIn: The website of the Microsoft-owned networking site includes information about “discrimination and safety,” “hate crimes,” “mental health,” and more for LGBTQ individuals in the workplace. It tells employers to “implement inclusive policies” and “foster an inclusive environment.”
  32. Lululemon: The athletic apparel retailer features a Pride collection of crew necks, dresses, tank tops, and more. 
  33. Macy’s: The department store chain’s Pride campaign partnered with The Trevor Project to produce “an emotional PSA” video with LGBTQ teens and young adults sharing “pivotal moments in their self-acceptance journeys.”
  34. McDonald’s: The fast food chain published a statement on its website supporting LGBTQ individuals and noting its partnership with the Human Rights Campaign. 
  35. Michaels: The arts and crafts chain features a Pride section on its website that includes rainbow banners, buttons, and T-shirts. 
  36. Microsoft: The technology company says it donated over $1.3 million in the past year to LGBTQ-supporting organizations, including The Trevor Project.
  37. NASCAR: The auto racing organization’s June 1 post on X said: “Happy Pride! NASCAR is proud to support the LGBTQ community.” 
  38. Netflix: The streaming service offers multiple sections of movies, TV shows, and documentaries in the LGBTQ category. These sections include “Drag Excellence,” “LGBTQ+ Stories for Families,” and “LGBTQ+ Directors.”
  39. Nike: The athletic footwear and apparel corporation released an “Orlando Pride” collection inspired by the professional women’s soccer team based in Orlando, Florida. 
  40. Nissan: The automobile manufacturer says it is supporting Pride events across the country. 
  41. Old Navy: The clothing and accessory retailer released a Pride collection that includes baby bodysuits that say “Love With Pride,” gender-neutral kids T-shirts that say “Community means unity,” and tank tops that say “Feelin’ Zesty.” 
  42. PetSmart: The superstore chain for pet supplies features Pride-themed products to celebrate with your dog or cat. 
  43. Pinterest: The social media company assembled a Pride Month collection of makeup ideas, empowering quotes, and “education and allyship.”
  44. Procter & Gamble: The consumer goods corporation partnered with iHeartMedia to hold a fifth annual “Can’t Cancel Pride” music event online. A press release notes support from P&G brands including Bounty, Cascade, Charmin, Dawn, Downy, Febreze, Gillette, Olay Body, Pantene, Swiffer, Tide, and Venus. 
  45. Pura Vida: The maker of hand-crafted bracelets and other jewelry released a Pride-themed collection that includes stickers, bracelets with Pride flag colors, and a beaded bracelet that says “Pride.” For each bracelet sold, Pura Vida says it will donate “5% of the purchase price” to The Trevor Project.
  46. PXG: Parsons Xtreme Golf has added Pride-inspired polo shirts, gloves, and towels to the hats it released last year. 
  47. Raising Cane’s: The fast food chain will host a Pride festival at its River Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, at month’s end. 
  48. Reebok: The fitness shoe and apparel brand released a Pride-themed collection, “Unity,” which includes hoodies, T-shirts, pants, and shoes with rainbow colors and tie-dye designs. 
  49. Skittles: The candy brand states its “proud” support of the LGBTQ movement on its website and says it will donate $1 from every purchase to GLAAD, a nonprofit dedicated to LGBTQ media advocacy.
  50. Starbucks: The world’s largest coffeehouse chain released LGBTQ-inspired merchandise in a collection it calls “By us and for us.” 
  51. Target: The retail company includes “Pride” and “LGBTQIA+ Shop” tabs on its website, making for easy access to Pride-themed products such as a scratcher pad for cats, door mats, and mugs that say “Safe Space.”
  52. Teva: The footwear company released a Pride collection of rainbow sandals for adults and children.  
  53. Tinder: The dating app added Pride-themed profile stickers—designed by LGBTQ Tinder staff—to “help users create more connection.” The messages of the stickers include “Came Out Online” and “My First Pride.”
  54. TikTok: With a “Pride Month Visionary Voices group,” the social media platform is celebrating Pride Month by highlighting 15 creators who “inspire, educate, and make an impact” on TikTok.
  55. Ugg: The Australian-founded fashion company created a “URSeen” collection in partnership with Alok Vaid-Menon, a “gender-nonconforming” author and comedian.
  56. Under Armour: The U.S. sportswear company released a collection of Pride-themed running shoes, slides, and workout clothes. 
  57. UPS: The U.S. shipping company expresses support for LGBTQ customers in a website section called “Inclusion & Belonging.”
  58. Vans: The skater-inspired footwear and apparel company features a Pride-themed collection called “Together as Ourselves.” 
  59. Versace: The Italian luxury fashion company released a Pride collection consisting of silk shirts, shorts, bikinis, jewelry, and more.  
  60. Walgreens: The U.S. pharmacy chain is selling little Pride flags, rainbow water bottles, fans, and related items. 
  61. Walmart: The retail chain’s “Pride Always” section on its website features brands founded by LGBTQ individuals. 
  62. Wendy’s: At its corporate office in Dublin, Ohio, the fast-food chain hosted an “annual Pride flag-raising event.”
  63. Xbox: Like its parent company Microsoft, the video game brand partnered with The Trevor Project to “help connect LGBTQIA+ players with valuable resources that help support well-being and safety.”