A lot of attention is being given to support being picked up by Donald Trump among non-white voters.

But the change taking place among young voters is even more dramatic.

In the elections in 2016 and 2020, Trump was soundly defeated among voters 18-29.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton defeated Trump among voters ages 18-29, 55% to 37%.

In 2020, Joe Biden defeated Trump in this same youth demographic, 60% to 36%.

However, a new Quinnipiac poll shows Trump leading Biden by one point among voters 18-34.

Per Gallup favorability/non-favorability ratings, in October 2020, prior to the election, 58% of those 18-34 rated Biden “favorable” against 38% who rated Trump “favorable.”

However, in the same polling done by Gallup last month, Biden’s favorability among those 18-34 was down to 33% and Trump’s was up to 46%.

In early May, a New York Times/Philadelphia Inquirer/Siena College poll was done in six battleground states—Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Among those 18-29, in response to the question, “If you had to decide between the two today, who would you lean more toward?” 43% said Biden and 46% said Trump.

Follow-up questions in this same poll give an idea of dissatisfaction among these young voters.

Regarding the economy, 91% of ages 18-29 rate it either fair or poor. And they favor Trump over Biden regarding confidence in fixing the economy 68% to 25%.

Regarding the political and economic system of the country, 62% said it needs “major changes” and 16% feel it should be “torn down entirely.”

None of this is particularly surprising. What is surprising is our nation’s youth are just waking up to the raw deal they are getting. They are inheriting a once uniquely great nation now heading into fiscal and social bankruptcy as a result of totally irresponsible management by the current and preceding generations.

Despite current polling showing the youth vote leaning to Trump, according to the same poll, still almost twice the percent of those voters ages 18-29 identify as Democrat, 27%, compared to Republican, 15%. However, 44% identify as independent.

We need look no further than the nation’s oldest and largest entitlement program, Social Security.

It is well publicized that the system is bankrupt. According to the latest Trustees Report, the system will be insolvent in the year 2035, with a shortfall of about 20%.

Yet all these youth, ages 18-29, are immediately forced to pay into this broken system with their very first paycheck, despite the cold fact that the funds are not there to pay them their benefits in full when they retire. In a private company, the management would be facing legal action.

Is it any wonder that our youth are cynical about their country? 

The Biden administration continues to spend and borrow like economic reality does not exist. According to the Congressional Budget Office, “If current laws governing revenues and spending go unchanged … Debt held by the public would soar from 99% of GDP in 2024 to 166% of GDP in 2054—exceeding any previously recorded level and on track to increase further.”

Let’s note that in 1980, this debt was less than 25% of gross domestic product. At the end of 2008, just prior to the Obama presidency, it stood at 43.6%.

Larded down by big government and debt, CBO projects annual growth for 2024 and onward at less than 2% per year. Growth averaged more than 3.5% annually from 1950 to 2000.

Can things be fixed? Of course, with principled, courageous leadership. Trillions in wasteful spending needs to be cut, and dinosaur government programs should be eliminated or privatized.

But the last place to look for leadership for any of this is the current administration in Washington, which loves growing the welfare state by mortgaging the future of our next generation. 

It’s time for change, and our young voters know it.


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