Rep. Michael Cloud, R-Texas, and Sen. J.D. Vance, R-Ohio, have introduced the Dismantle DEI Act.

The bill, S. 4516, and its House counterpart, HR 8706, are necessary and important bills that would largely put an end to the racist policies being implemented throughout the federal government by the Biden administration under the rubric of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

DEI policies are typically overtly racist and sexist in that they mandate that government or businesses establish quotas or discriminate based on sex, skin color, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

DEI defines diversity entirely in terms of immutable characteristics, such as race, ethnicity, or sex instead of the myriad other kinds of diversity, such as achievement, expertise, experience, approach to business or business philosophy, educational background, socioeconomic background, ethical or political views, integrity, geographic location, and so on.

Morally, DEI represents a marked step backward. It is rejection of the principle that people should be judged on the content of their character and their individual achievement, rather than their sex, race, national origin, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

It’s a rejection of the principle that people should be judged as individuals rather than as members of a racial or sexual group. It’s also a rejection of the principle of equal protection under the law and a rejection of the principle that we are all created equal.

Discrimination or quotas on the basis of race, ethnicity, or sex should be a relic of the past. Most Americans agree.

Because racism has become so widespread in the federal government, the 48-page Dismantle DEI Act necessarily contains many provisions.

First, the bill defines a “prohibited diversity, equity, or inclusion practice” to mean:

  • discriminating for or against any person on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, biological sex, or national origin; or
  • requiring as a condition of employment, promotion, advancement, speaking, making a presentation, or submitting written materials that an employee (a) undergo training, education, or coursework that asserts that a particular race, color, ethnicity, religion, biological sex, or national origin is inherently or systemically superior or inferior, oppressive or oppressed, or privileged or unprivileged or (b) sign or assent to a statement, code of conduct, work program, or plan that requires assent by the employee that a particular race, color, ethnicity, religion, biological sex, or national origin is inherently or systemically superior or inferior, oppressive or oppressed, or privileged or unprivileged.

The federal government, including federal advisory committees, would be prohibited from engaging in prohibited DEI practices. A private cause of action would be created so that private litigants can sue to enforce these requirements. Various statutory DEI-oriented offices and chief diversity officers would be eliminated.

The bill would rescind six of President Joe Biden’s executive orders and two Biden administration national security memorandums implementing racist DEI policies.

Rep. Michael Cloud, R-Texas—seen here walking down the steps of the U.S. Capitol on June 5—is the House sponsor of the bicameral Dismantle DEI Act. (Photo: Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call/Getty Images)

The Cloud-Vance bill would also require the Office of Personnel Management and the Office of Management and Budget to revise all regulations, policies, procedures, manuals, circulars, courses, training, and guidance to comply with the act. It would require the closure of all DEI or similar offices throughout the federal government and would abolish the Chief Diversity Officers Executive Council.

It would prohibit a wide range of DEI actions and personnel practices by federal officials and prohibit the use of DEI factors in the federal performance appraisal process.

Federal contractors and grant recipients would be prohibited from using federal funds to engage in prohibited DEI practices. Most federal contracts would be required to contain a provision specifying that no part of the services performed under the contract can be performed in buildings or surroundings, under working conditions or in a working environment, provided by or under the control or supervision of a contractor or any subcontractor who is subject to, or required to comply with, a prohibited diversity, equity, or inclusion practice.

Education accreditation organizations would be prohibited from requiring or coercing any institution of higher education to engage in prohibited diversity, equity, and inclusion practices. Financial regulators, including so-called self-regulatory organizations, would be barred from engaging in prohibited DEI practices or requiring that regulated entities or members do so.

The Dismantle DEI Act would go a long way toward eliminating the pervasive racism that has taken hold of the federal government and restoring equal protection of the law.