The CEO of a film studio startup said Hollywood’s divisive left-wing content has created an artistic opening for the conservative movement—one that he plans to exploit.  

Christian McGuigan, founder of Sycamore Studios, described what he sees as a growing need for “good, true, and beautiful” storytelling in an interview with Heritage Foundation President Dr. Kevin Roberts

McGuigan pointed to the controversial LGBTQ agenda inserted into recent Disney productions that preceded billions of dollars in losses for the company. “Even folks on the Left are saying, ‘This is not age-appropriate,’” he told Roberts. “So what we saw with Sycamore was the opportunity to say, ‘What if there was a brand that was trusted by audiences, that had a values-based trust with audiences, but also made really high-quality content?’”

“We have not prioritized culture,” McGuigan said, adding that too many conservatives prioritize “complaining about culture.” 

“If we can stop complaining about culture and actually start creating it,” McGuigan argued, conservatives will “win the day.” 

Watch the full Interview on “The Kevin Roberts Show” podcast below and hear the Texas-based entrepreneur discuss his studio’s upcoming films and his quest to “move culture,” not just complain about it: