America is facing a “high threat level” for a terrorist attack because of the crisis at the southern border, says the head of a group working to curb illegal immigration.

“It does not take a lot of people to inflict an extraordinary amount of damage,” said Julie Kirchner, executive director for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, citing the 19 terrorists that carried out the attacks on 9/11

Kirchner says more incidents are happening across America that should raise alarm bells over the threat illegal immigration poses to the safety of the nation. At the beginning of May, for example, two Jordanian illegal aliens attempted to breach a U.S. military base in Quantico, Virginia. 

One of the men is reported to have crossed the southern border in April and another overstayed a student visa. The two men tried to drive onto the base “and only due to the quick thinking of some of these guards were they stopped,” Kirchner said, adding that “people need to understand what’s going on, because this is a national emergency.” 

After more than 10 million illegal aliens have crossed the U.S. border under President Joe Biden, the administration has indicated Biden plans to issue an executive order on the border. Kirchner notes the announcement of a forthcoming executive action on the border comes “six months before … a presidential election.”

The head of the Federation for American Immigration Reform joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to explain how America’s border crisis opened a door for terrorism in America, and what can be learned from the recent incident in Quantico. 

Listen to the podcast below: