Unlikely alliances are forming across America as Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox Jews, classic liberals, and traditional conservatives are all troubled by a spreading political ideology that has abandoned reason, the author of a new book on the subject says.

Americans are seeing a contingent on the Left that “has gone completely mad,” says Jay Richards, co-author of “Fight the Good Fight: How an Alliance of Faith and Reason Can Win the Culture War.” 

“We’re not dealing with a kind of Walter Mondale-John F. Kennedy liberalism of the 1960s,” he explains. “We’re dealing with a radical postmodernism, and we call this ‘woke ideology’ because we don’t have a word for it, but it really is radical, and it’s all about basically destabilizing the current order.”

Issues such as diversity, equity, and inclusion curriculums in schools and gender-identity ideology have “awakened” Americans across political and faith divides, says Richards, who also serves as director of the DeVos Center for Life, Religion, and Family at The Heritage Foundation. (Heritage founded The Daily Signal in 2014.)

Richards joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss the unique alliances the radical Left’s agenda has unintentionally created and to explain how faith and reason can work together to win the culture war. 

Listen to the podcast below: