After the Biden administration released its new Title IX rule on April 19, it took less than two weeks for the Defense of Freedom Institute to file a lawsuit against it. 

“We are asking the court to … basically stop the effect of the regulations for a variety of legal reasons,” says Robert Eitel, the institute’s co-founder and president. That’s because the rule change is “simply unlawful,” he explained. 

Among the changes to Title IX, the Biden administration is attempting to redefine sex to include gender identity and sexual orientation. Title IX is an education amendment that was signed into law by President Richard Nixon in 1972 and requires there be equal opportunities for men and women in schools across the country. 

Eitel says the Biden administration’s attempt to redefine sex in Title IX is “federal overreach.” 

The states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, and Idaho filed the suit with the Washington-based Defense of Freedom Institute, a conservative nonprofit dedicated to providing policy and legal solutions within the spheres of education and the workforce. 

Eitel joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss the lawsuit against the Biden administration’s new Title IX rule. He also explains what should be done about the ever-growing issue of student loan debt, and why President Joe Biden can’t legally issue mass student loan forgiveness. 

Listen to the podcast below: