During the first night of Passover, Jewish homes gather around a Seder meal and remember how God delivered the Jewish people from Egypt, and that God has always rescued His people, author and lecturer Rabbi Pinchas Taylor explains. 

“We say that we recognize that in every generation, there are nations that have come against us, that seek to destroy us, and that each and every generation, God saves us from their plot,” the rabbi says. 

Passover begins at sundown on Monday night, and following Hamas’ attack on Israel in October, and this month’s attack by Iran, the reminder that God saves His people, “that’s going to be something that resonates quite a bit extra this year,” Taylor says. (Passover runs through sundown on April 30.)

Taylor joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” as Passover begins to explain safety concerns in the Jewish community amid a rise in antisemitism after Oct. 7, and to discuss how Americans can support the Jewish people right now. 

Listen to the podcast below: