Special prosecutor Nathan Wade’s cell phone data suggests that he and Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis may have lied on the witness stand about their romantic relationship, opening them up to consequences greater than disqualification from the racketeering case the couple brought against former President Donald Trump, legal experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Phone records contained in a Friday court filing by Trump’s attorney appeared to contradict Wade’s testimony that he visited Willis’ condo less than 10 times, showing “a minimum of 35 occasions” where his phone was in her neighborhood for an extended time.


The filing also appears to undermine Willis’ claim that he never spent the night with her. If the two are found to have lied under oath, Willis and Wade could face charges and potential disbarment, legal experts said.

The data, which revealed “over 2,000 voice calls and just under 12,000 text messages” between the pair in 2021, further calls into question the timeline of their intimate relationship. Wade and Willis insisted it began in early 2022, after Wade’s contract started. [Willis hired Wade as special prosecutor in the Trump case in November 2021 at the rate of $250 an hour.]

Atlanta-based defense attorney Andrew Fleischman said the “cell phone location data is powerful circumstantial evidence of a close personal relationship before 2022, as are the sheer number of texts and phone calls exchanged.”

“The judge may find that the state was not truthful in its testimony and that its conduct in defending against disqualification is an independent basis to remove them,” Fleischman said, referring to Willis and Wade.

Originally published by the Daily Caller News Foundation

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