A Republican Georgia state senator introduced legislation Monday to establish a committee that would allow the Legislature to investigate Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, according to a press release.

Republican state Sen. Greg Dolezal’s bill would establish a Senate Special Committee on Investigations, a committee of nine members who have the power to call individuals to testify under oath, according to the announcement.


Dolezal pitched the legislation as a solution to “the multitude of accusations surrounding Ms. Willis,” who was accused of awarding her alleged lover, Nathan Wade, “lucrative” contracts to work as special prosecutor on the case against former President Donald Trump and benefiting from it when he took her on vacations using money he earned from his position.

“Today, in response to a wave of concerning reports and court filings regarding District Attorney Fani Willis of the Atlanta Judicial Circuit, I am calling for the establishment of the Senate Special Committee on Investigations,” Dolezal said in a statement. “The multitude of accusations surrounding Ms. Willis, spanning from allegations of prosecutorial misconduct to questions about the use of public funds and accusations of an unprofessional relationship, underscores the urgency for a thorough and impartial examination.”

Wade has been paid nearly $654,000 from the District Attorney’s Office since 2022, according to county records. Bank statements contained in a Friday court filing revealed that he purchased tickets to Miami and San Francisco in Willis’ name.

“We owe it to the public to ensure transparency, accountability and the preservation of the integrity of our justice system,” Dolezal continued.

Fulton County Commissioner Bob Ellis sent a letter Friday requesting Willis disclose information relating to the potential misuse of county funds. Judge Scott McAfee will hold a hearing Feb. 15 to consider the motion to disqualify Willis.

“We have a solution to investigate Fani Willis,” Republican state Sen. Colton Moore told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “And if you don’t mind just telling your readers: I told you so.”

Dolezal and the District Attorney’s Office did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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