FIRST ON THE DAILY SIGNAL: One of the leading global security and aerospace companies in the United States featured a prominent transgender flag in the lobby of its headquarters, according to a photo obtained by The Daily Signal.

That photo, taken in mid-November during National Transgender Awareness Week, shows the lobby of Lockheed Martin’s corporate headquarters, based in Bethesda, Maryland. An American flag is visible close to the front desk in the lobby, while a transgender flag of seemingly matching proportions is also seen prominently displayed.

“When you plant a flag, you send a message,” a Lockheed Martin employee, who asked to remain anonymous to protect their privacy, told The Daily Signal. “To have this representation in the lobby of our corporate headquarters suggests we’ve chosen a point of view on a socially divisive issue that is nowhere near settled.”

“We’re a big company, with lots of points of view across all issues, which is why most employees want company neutrality,” the employee added. “Certainly, this is a distraction from our core mission.”

On Monday evening, a Lockheed Martin spokeswoman told The Daily Signal that the transgender flag is not currently in the lobby. But she emphasized the aerospace company is firmly committed to “diversity and inclusion.”

“At Lockheed Martin, we believe that our commitment to diversity and inclusion is a business imperative, helping to drive our innovation and global leadership,” the Lockheed spokeswoman said in a statement, adding, “To learn more, read our latest Diversity and Inclusion report.”

Lockheed Martin Corp. received a 100% score from the far-left Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index, an initiative thought to be behind Bud Light’s financially disastrous decision to use a biological male who “identifies” as a transgender woman, Dylan Mulvaney, as its public face.

That 100% score would mean that Lockheed Martin Corp. met all the criteria for the Corporate Equality Index, including having gender-transition guidelines; LGBTQ “internal training elements”; “either an LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group or an LGBTQ+ Inclusive Diversity Council”; and more.

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