Every Senate Democrat voted in opposition to a stand-alone Israel aid package

The package, which passed in the House on Nov. 2, would have provided Israel with $14.3 billion and was set to pull funding from President Joe Biden’s IRS budget to do so. 

On Tuesday, Sen. Roger Marshall, R-Kan., used a special motion to call for a vote on the Israel package on the Senate floor, taking his Democratic colleagues by surprise. The motion failed in a vote of 51-48. 

“I’ve been trying to figure out this for weeks as well, maybe months,” Marshall told The Daily Signal Podcast. “Why are Democrats so afraid of supporting Israel?”

Democrats have “lots of reasons why we should fund Ukraine, but they never will say why we should fund Israel,” according to Marshall. 

“They say they want to support Israel, but their actions are different,” he says. “What I’ve found out is there’s a significant portion of their base that does not want anyone in their party to support Israel.”

Democrats have advocated for an aid bill that includes funding for Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan, and the border, but now that Democrats have blocked the stand-alone Israel aid package, Marshall says there is no path forward for the $14.3 billion bill. 

Instead of a swift show of support for Israel from Congress, Marshall says it will likely take months for Congress to work through disagreements and pass a an aid package to support Israel. 

Marshall joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to explain why he is so passionate about standing with Israel and why lawmakers should support a stand-alone aid package for our closest friend in the Middle East. 

Listen to the podcast below: 

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