“No evidence.” “No evidence.” “No evidence.”

That’s what they keep saying about corruption investigations into President Joe Biden. But we’ve been fed this line before. So, what evidence is there?

It turns out, there’s a lot. Bank records, IRS whistleblowers, text messages, emails, confidential human source reports, and more. It’s a lot. So, let’s focus on just one part.

This is a $3 million wire to a shell company operated by [son] Hunter Biden’s business partner, Rob Walker, from a Chinese company, State Energy HK. State Energy HK was run by Ye Jianming, a former member of the Chinese military, who has worked off foreign-influence operations.

Walker’s shell company directed over $1 million from State Energy HK to three Biden family members. For example, this is a payment to Hallie Biden [Joe Biden’s daughter-in-law] 19 days after the initial transaction. But was Joe Biden involved? Yes, he was, in many different ways.

For example, Walker told the FBI that Joe Biden attended meetings with another of Ye Jianming’s businesses, CEFC, during [Biden’s] vice presidency. CEFC paid additional millions to Hunter and [Joe’s brother] James. Money also flowed between Joe Biden and his family members. Hunter stated that he gave half his salary to Joe. And bank records show large sums of money circuitously paid to Joe Biden, related to CEFC and other schemes.

Overall, while vice president, Joe Biden met with representatives of businesses in China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Romania, and Ukraine, all of whom made payments to his family. Congressional investigators and IRS whistleblowers, including a registered Democrat, agreed that more than $17 million flowed from foreign companies to at least nine Biden family members and their business associates. These payments occurred during and after Biden’s vice presidency.

So, is it that there’s “no evidence, no evidence, no evidence”? Or that there’s no amount of evidence that will prevent some media outlets from pushing a political narrative? Choosing to reject what your eyes see is risky business. Now that you have seen the evidence, what will you do?

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