Transgender woman (aka man) Dylan Mulvaney’s acceptance speech for Virgin Atlantic’s “Woman of the Year” award is an affront to women who have fought for basic rights and liberties. The Heritage Foundation’s Sarah Parshall Perry explains why.

Dylan Mulvaney said, “No matter how hard I try, or what I wear, or what I say, or what surgeries I get, I will never reach an acceptable version of womanhood by those hateful people’s standards.”

Dylan, we don’t hate you. Far from it. But what we want is an apology. In fact, you yourself even admitted that there are not enough surgeries and not enough clothing options in the world for us to believe that you have an acceptable version of womanhood.

You’re right, and that’s never going to change. That’s because the only version of womanhood is the biological version. When your mother received you in the delivery room, your doctor did not say congratulations, it’s a boy…for now. He ended it with, it’s a boy. I also think you need an apology that’s got to be delivered to the generations of women that went before us.

Only a hundred years ago, [they] received the right to vote as equals with men. Go ahead and give it away, but I sure won’t.

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