For some in Israel, daily life is continuing, now set by a backdrop of war. 

“Rocket alert sirens will go off, and they’ll say, ‘Hold on, let me take my computer, let me go to the safe room,’” Scott Phillips said of his friends living in Israel, adding that while talking to him on video calls, “They keep their call going in the safe room. That’s the Israeli spirit.”

Phillips serves as the CEO of Passages, a Christian organization that has taken 1,000 students to Israel since 2016, including to two border villages that were decimated during Hamas‘ recent attacks. Phillips was preparing to leave for Israel next week, but is instead mourning the loss of “two of our speakers who speak to our students in these border communities.”

The CEO said he has never seen anything like this happen in Israel, “where Israelis were just murdered [in] cold blood, and over 1,200 now is the count.”

Phillips joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss what life is like for those living in Israel right now and why the attack from Hamas was such a surprise. Phillips also explains how Americans can support Israel and offers advice on how Christians can pray for both Israelis and Palestinians right now. 

Listen to the podcast below:

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