New York City is “at a breaking point” after more than 90,000 illegal aliens have arrived in the city since last spring, according to city leadership.  

A group of 54 NYC Democratic elected officials, including state senators and assembly members, sent a letter to President Joe Biden Wednesday asking him for “help.”  

“Our City is experiencing an unprecedented migrant influx, with a surge of asylum seekers arriving here in numbers never seen before in history,” the letter reads.  

 “We take pride in New York being a beacon of hope for immigrants, but the influx of migrants is so great that the city is running out of resources,” the Democrats told Biden. “New York City is being forced to reduce services to its people.”  

The New York City officials ask Biden to declare a federal state of emergency in response to the influx of migrants, expedite work authorization for migrants, “distribute migrants fairly” across the country, and provide the city with more federal funding to “manage the tens of thousands of asylum seekers we are hosting.”  

The state officials told the president they “take pride in welcoming immigrants” but added that “the current unstructured state of immigration policy and response needs to end.” 

New York City Mayor Eric Adams met with Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas Thursday to discuss the city’s immigrant crisis. The New York Post reports the meeting resulted in an agreement from Mayorkas to provide NYC with a liaison to “strengthen ‘communication’ between City Hall and the Biden administration.”  

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries were present for the meeting, which is reported to have lasted about an hour.  

After the meeting, Adams said he appreciated “Secretary Mayorkas’ commitment to visiting the city and designating someone at DHS to serve as a point-person on our asylum seeker needs. We look forward to his visit and learning more about DHS’ plans for how this role will operate.”  

According to Adams, NYC continues to “do more than any other city in the nation, but we need additional support from our federal and state partners.”  

Adams’ meeting with Mayorkas comes about a week after the mayor announced that NYC will begin distributing flyers at the U.S. southern border asking illegal aliens to “consider another city” besides the Big Apple.  

The bright yellow flyers, which are also written in Spanish, tell illegal aliens “Housing in NYC is very expensive,” and “There is no guarantee we will be able to provide shelter and services to new arrivals.” 

In an effort to create shelter space for families with children, Adams announced last week that the city will give “60 days’ notice to adult asylum seekers already in our care to find alternative housing.”  

The Center for Immigration Studies released a report in April claiming that the Biden administration has released 2,020,522 illegal aliens into the U.S. The report added that an additional “1.3 million known got-aways” have entered the U.S. interior during the Biden presidency.   

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