A male performer exposed his genitalia to an audience of parents and children at a Canadian art exhibition called “Love Me Gender.” 

A video of the performance, which surfaced Sunday on Twitter, shows a high-heeled man having a loincloth ripped off his body, revealing his adult male genitalia to the audience. Parents and their young boys and girls, some of whom appear no older than 10 years old, made up a portion of the audience. 

The adults seen in the video accompanying children did not seem to be upset, nor did they turn their children away from viewing the fully nude man. 

The video can be viewed here. (WARNING: Although body parts are blurred, viewers may find the video upsetting.)  

The Musée de la Civilisation’s webpage for the exhibition features a vague and inaccurate “benevolent warning,” stating the show contains “explicit anatomical elements and partial nudity scenes.” The disclaimer is technically true if you consider covering your feet but not your phallus still only partially nude. 

As not to deter potential audience members, the page recommends “children be accompanied by adults to guide them in their visiting experience and start a dialogue on gender diversity.” 

“It should be obvious by now that gender ideologues are committed to sexualizing children,” said Jay Richards, director of Richard and Helen DeVos Center for Life, Religion, and Family at The Heritage Foundation, in an email to The Daily Signal. “This can take place in the school classroom, the local library, or—as in this case—at art exhibits.” (The Daily Signal is Heritage’s multimedia news site.) 

One of the exhibition’s producers previously authored an illustrated sex encyclopedia for teenagers, explaining topics like the Kama Sutra, contraceptives, transgenderism, hypersexuality, and deconstructing the concepts of virginity and purity. 

The exhibition comes with a supplemental guide explaining the “ABCs of Gender” and how to be an LGBTQ+ “ally” for those who are not LGBTQ+. The guide also lists numerous resources pointing people to LGBTQ+ organizations, many of which provide services to minors who consider themselves “queer” or “questioning.” 

“If this was a unique event in Canada, it might not be newsworthy,” Richards said. “But it matters because it perfectly represents what gender ideology is about and why it must be stopped.” 

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