After reading my list of former President Donald Trump’s triumphs, from A to Z, nationally syndicated radio host Bill Martinez suggested during one of our weekly interviews that I give President Joe Biden’s blunders the same alphabetical treatment.

Here goes.

Afghanistan’s humiliating abandonment to the Taliban, amid America’s chaotic and deadly military withdrawal, may be Biden’s biggest failure.

Border security has collapsed. An estimated 6.3 million illegal aliens from at least 172 nations have invaded America under Biden. Hundreds of thousands have received free bus or plane tickets into the homeland. Others have scored free health care, education, and even Times Square hotel rooms.  

Crime is plaguing America’s cities, chiefly those run by thug-hugging Democratoc mayors and left-wing, take-a-hoodlum-to-lunch “prosecutors.” Democrat-in-Chief Biden seems to approve.

Documents marked “classified” surfaced in the garage of Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware, mansion (alongside his 1967 Corvette) and at Washington, D.C.’s Penn-Biden Center, an alleged think tank. As senator and veep, Biden lacked presidential declassification authority. Thus, Biden illegally possessed some 20 classified papers.

Energy dominance under Trump has vanished. Biden now begs Saudi Arabia and Venezuela to boost petroleum production to compensate for his war on U.S. oil.

Fentanyl cascades across the US-Mexico “border.” It is killing some 70,000 Americans annually, mainly through unwitting ingestion of counterfeit pharmaceuticals polluted with this deadly drug. Fentanyl poisoning has become the No. 1 cause of death among Americans between ages 18 and 45. 

Gas stoves are in Biden’s crosshairs, with neo-totalitarian federal scolds at the Energy Department and Consumer Product Safety Commission scheming to deprive Americans of the performance, comfort, and life-saving benefits of natural-gas appliances. Unlike electric equipment, gas-fueled gear functions during blackouts.

Hunter Biden, the president’s ne’er-do-well son and a confirmed deadbeat dad, is sinking into an ever-deepening quicksand of misdeeds, influence-peddling, and dodgy deals with foreign scalawags.

Inflation was 1.4% annually when Biden took office and triggered a tsunami of federal spending. The resulting consumer-price spike hit 9.1% before falling back to 4.9% today, still more than double the Federal Reserve’s 2% target.

Justice follows two tracks: Violent leftists (Antifa, Black Lives Matter) skate, while rightists (Jan. 6, Proud Boys) receive prison sentences or, even worse, rot in D.C.’s jail without charges. 

Keystone XL pipeline: killed, along with 11,000 jobs.

Lynching is something “some people still want to do,” Biden declared on Feb. 17. Really? Where exactly are these white nationalists itching to hang blacks from trees?

Mandated COVID-19 vaccines forced 8,339 young, healthy GIs out of the armed forces for refusing this experimental inoculation, the Military Times reports.

News conferences are rare for Biden. Nov. 11 saw his last solo presser, 180 days ago on Saturday.

One-on-one interviews also are seldom seen under Biden. He granted 58 in his first two years, compared to Trump’s 205, Barack Obama’s 275, and George W. Bush’s 89, per the New York Post.

Pentagon priorities under Biden have devolved from national defense to pronouns to a frantic search for “white nationalists,” whoever they are—and the imposition of the Green New Deal in uniform.

Quotas are key to Biden’s “equity” agenda, including a $3.8 billion debt-relief program, exclusively for nonwhite farmers.

Russian cyberattackers seemingly sabotaged America’s Colonial Pipeline. Biden swiftly exonerated the Kremlin. He then greenlighted completion of the since-detonated Nord Stream II pipeline, which would have pumped Russian natural gas into Germany. Biden also approved a summit with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. Those rewards for possible Russian subterfuge against U.S. property transmitted weakness and likely encouraged Putin to invade Ukraine.

Saudi Arabia and Iran now share a Beijing-brokered alliance. Trump’s strategy—to isolate the ayatollahs—is kaput.

Teachers union boss Randi Weingarten colluded with Biden’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to lock down schools and trap kids in Zoom classes. Test scores tumbled.

Ukraine has received $76.8 billion in aid from Biden, with neither performance goals nor a timetable for victory or armistice.

Vice President Kamala Harris, Biden’s choice to be one aorta rush from the presidency, epitomizes overpromise and underdelivery.

White House “lids” have been called as early as 9 a.m. (on April 17). When Biden plans no further public appearances, journalists go home without fear of missing out.

Xi Jinping has yet to hear Biden even ask about COVID-19’s origins, according to official readouts. Such weakness surely fueled the Chinese communist dictator’s anti-dollar diplomacy, supremacy, spy balloons above U.S. military facilities, unprecedented harassment of Taiwan, and other efforts to torpedo America as the planet’s leading superpower.

Young Americans with college loans need not repay them, thanks to Biden’s student-debt bailout. Biden wants to squander $400 billion to nationalize up to $20,000 in obligations per borrower earning as much as $125,000 annually. Personal responsibility? Keeping promises? How quaint.

Zinc is a component part of electric vehicles, although graphite and lithium are more common components. Even as Biden mandates that 67% of new cars be electric by 2032, he padlocks mines whose copper and nickel also are essential EV ingredients. Biden’s EV policy is brain-dead.

Biden’s botches defy tabulation (e.g., abortionitis, race obsession, transgender-mania soaring federal spending, swelling national debt, sagging mental acuity, etc.) Too bad English has only 26 letters.

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