As states continue to pass laws protecting children from permanent genital mutilation at the hands of gender-obsessed cultists, radical transgender activists have begun touting a new slogan in an attempt to garner public sympathy: “Stop trans genocide.”

Popular Twitch streamer Keffals released a video on YouTube, “Texas is Preparing for Genocide,” while another online leftist pundit, Vaush, argued that “Trump’s New Anti-Trans Speech is Borderline Genocidal.”

Genocide! It’s a word designed to evoke images of the worst atrocities of the 20th century and force people into action. We must prevent those evil Republicans from passing bills preventing children from taking hormone blockers or getting mastectomies.

In the critics’ warped view, it’s all to prevent a trans holocaust. Except, this isn’t 1940s Germany, and there is no actual genocidal campaign against transgender people.

In truth, transgender propaganda permeates our pop culture: Businesses are falling all over themselves to demonstrate their fealty to the alphabet people, and teachers secretly groom children with LGBT ideology.

Far more often, accusations of hatred and bigotry against transgender people are in actuality just refusals to completely acquiesce to the activists’ insane demands.

Won’t use she/her pronouns for a bearded man in a dress or think that women’s sports should be for actual women? Well, that’s basically Hitlerian, and you’re engaging in trans genocide.

The trans genocide rhetoric is all a lie. But even if it’s untrue, it’s the kind of rhetoric that leads inevitably to violence.

If trans activists genuinely believe what is happening is equivalent to genocide, they have a moral responsibility to stop it by any means necessary. And that includes violence.

Besieged “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling’s inbox has become a cesspool of death threats. Rowling has said she’s received so many threats from radical LGBT zealots that she “could paper the house with them.”

In response to even more gender fanatics posting her address online for the world to see, Rowling suggested “the best way to prove your movement isn’t a threat to women is to stop stalking, harassing, and threatening us.”

Then, last week in Auckland, New Zealand, women’s rights activist Posie Parker was violently accosted at a rally by a biological man posing as a woman who poured a red liquid on her.

The transgender activist claimed that it represented the blood of transgender people, in yet another reference to this supposed campaign of violent extermination against gender-confused people.

Another LGBT activist punched an elderly woman attending the rally in the face, all against a background of signs calling for physical violence against Parker and other rally attendees.

Auckland Pride, a government-sponsored pro-LGBT organization, cheered this violence against Parker and company, claiming that the despicable display was a demonstration of “the power of community organizing and solidarity.”

The episode with Parker and subsequent justification by LGBT activists could come straight out of the playbook of some of history’s worst instances of political violence.

The horribly oppressed transgender protesters were forced into violence by necessity. After all, it’s fight or be exterminated, don’t you know?

To perfectly highlight how ridiculous this persecution complex is, consider that the man who assaulted Parker, a repulsive figure named Eli Rubashkyn, was invited to the United Nations as a guest of honor for a Women’s History Month ceremony.

It seems a bit surreal to suggest there’s some apocalyptic campaign to eradicate transgender people when they’re getting feted at the U.N. even after they physically assault someone.

Though it’s not yet clear what the motivations were for the horrific March 27 school shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, some in the legacy media are blaming it on the state’s recent ban on transgender drugs and surgery for children and conservative concerns about the LGBT social contagion.

ABC News’ Terry Moran implicitly tied the spate of laws restricting sex-change surgeries for minors to the violent act, as though the shooter were somehow vindicated because of them.

Moran identified the shooter as identifying as transgender before quickly adding that “the state of Tennessee earlier this month passed a bill that banned transgender medical care for minors.”

Moran’s disgusting implication that homicide and bloodshed are an expected result of these types of laws plays directly into this idea that a trans genocide can only be avoided through total compliance with the gender ideologues.

It’s the terminal point of decades’ worth of leftist reframing of victimhood. Personal accountability is out. People are no longer responsible for their feelings or actions; they are only acted upon.

So, words that cause trans people distress—even if they’re objectively true—are bad and should be censored. Mental distress is equivalent to physical violence, so words that make trans people feel uncomfortable are violence.

As people begin to question just how deep the LGBT rot goes, all of a sudden you begin to see how these radicals have become convinced the only acceptable response to those questioning the dogma is to violently suppress them.

The violence will get worse as long as this “trans genocide” rhetoric is allowed to go uncontested.

And political violence doesn’t look any better in a rainbow shirt than in a brown one.

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