WASHINGTON — U.S. Park Police arrested a pro-transgender activist outside the Lincoln Memorial on a chaotic Monday afternoon as tourists watched in fascinated bewilderment.

Radical activists gathered to protest pro-women feminists gathered at the historic monument on Monday afternoon. Led by Kellie-Jay Keen, who advocates for women’s rights and for biological sex, the feminists spoke into pre-set microphones about the importance of protecting children from transgender surgeries.

The pro-transgender activists attempted to drown them out by screaming, yelling into megaphones, and more.


Police eventually arrived on the scene. Video footage captured by The Daily Signal shows one member of the Park Police attempting to speak to a pro-transgender activist and to tell that activist to turn off a blaring megaphone.

“Turn the alarm off or you’ll be arrested,” the police officer finally yelled, as the activist repeatedly pretended not to be able to hear him. As the officers led the activist away from the pro-women feminists, apparently intending to separate the two groups, that pro-transgender activist began wailing or singing shrilly, prompting one woman to speculate that such antics are the result of mental illness.

That activist then began loudly singing “Tonight” from West Side Story.


As the afternoon continued, the pro-transgender activists grew increasingly louder in their efforts to drown out the pro-women feminists. At one point, Keen put headphones in her ears and smilingly positioned herself close to the pro-transgender protestors, apparently indicating that their noise did not bother her.

Park Police told the transgender activists to move away from the pro-women group, warning that they would be arrested if they continued their noise making efforts.

The pro-transgender group moved away from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The Daily Signal did not observe exactly what took place between the group moving away and police attempting to arrest the activist who sang the West Side Story song, but suddenly the police were involved in an apparent scuffle with the group, and that activist began running away from the police.

Several officers ran through the pathways after that activist, followed closely by the group of transgender activists and media (including The Daily Signal). The police then apprehended the individual and led the activist to a police van.

“F—king coward,” one activist shouted at the police as his fellow protestor was led away.

Another female activist repeatedly claimed the police grabbed her by her throat. The Daily Signal did not witness such an event.


“Today at about 2:15 p.m., one adult was arrested in the area of the Lincoln Memorial,” the Park Police told The Daily Signal. “The individual was charged with Disorderly Conduct-Disrupting a Public Gathering, Resisting Arrest, 36 CFR 2.51(J) Violation of Demonstration Regulations, 36 CFR 2.32(A)(I) Interfering with Agency Function, and 36 CFR 1.5(F) Violation of Closure of Public Use Limit.”

Many of the anti-women protestors at the event covered their faces with ski masks or medical masks, though it was a sunny and warm afternoon.

The Daily Signal observed at least one protestor in attendance (Sadie Kuhns) who frequently illegally protests at the homes of the Supreme Court justices.

“We are here in Washington, D.C. to let women speak,” Keen told The Daily Signal.

“They always offer a pretty good backdrop as to why we are creating these environments in which women can talk about their rights,” the pro-woman activist said of the pro-transgender protestors, adding that she felt the police were initially slow to respond, but that she appreciated their handling of the situation.

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