Chloe Cole began taking puberty blockers at 13. She was 15 when she had her breasts surgically removed. At 16, she detransitioned. Now, at the age of 18, she has become an activist and leading voice against children and youth “transitioning” to the opposite sex. 

Cole recently announced that she is launching an organization to support those who choose to detransition called Detrans United.

“We are a group of former transgender-identifying youth and adults who have come together to voice our dissent against ‘gender-affirming care,’ influence policy, and provide a network of support for detransitioners,” the organization’s website states. 

In one of Detrans United’s first official acts, the group sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland asking him to consider the long-term effects of gender treatments on children. 

“Many of us were young teenagers when we decided, on the direction of medical ‘experts,’ to pursue irreversible hormone treatments and surgeries to bring our bodies into closer alignment with what we thought was our true ‘gender identity,’” the letter begins before going on to explain in detail the harms of “transitioning.”

Many of us had extensive histories of mental illness. Many of us had experienced significant childhood trauma. But all of this was ignored because we uttered the word ‘gender.’ This utterance placed us on a narrow medical pathway that led us to sacrifice our healthy bodies and future fertility in obeisance to the claim that our suffering was a result of having a ‘gender identity’ that did not ‘match’ our biological sex. In other words, we were ‘born in the wrong body.’

The letter to Garland comes just a few days after the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Medical Association, and the Children’s Hospital Association sent their own letter to Garland asking him to look into threats against doctors and hospitals that are offering gender treatments for children. 

Detrans United argues that “[s]ilencing the victims and critics of ‘gender-affirming’ practices is not a pathway to truth and justice, but to ignorance and harm.” 

On today’s edition of “Problematic Women,” we discuss the important role Cole and her new organization will play in supporting detransitioners.

Also on today’s show, we give a rundown of one of the pro-life fights ahead, and explain why it matters. And as always, we’ll be crowning our “Problematic Woman of the Week.”

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