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Thanks to Biden, Americans Who Never Attended College Still Have to Pay for It

Colleges and universities are expected to raise tuition costs in anticipation of future loan forgiveness. (Photo: JGI/Jamie Grill/Getty Images)

President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan is inclusive. Even if you never attended a college course, you still have the opportunity to pay for your fellow Americans’ degrees. 

Biden announced Wednesday that the Department of Education is canceling $10,000 in student loan debt for Americans earning $125,000 a year or less. Biden also announced forgiveness of up to $20,000 in student loans for Pell Grant recipients.  

“Working and middle-class Americans who chose not to go to college, or who responsibly paid off their student loans, should not be forced to pay off the loans of others,” Lindsey Burke, director of the Center for Education Policy at The Heritage Foundation, and Adam Kissel, Heritage visiting fellow for higher education, said in a joint statement. 

American taxpayers will be forced to pick up the tab for those who have earned degrees and statistically make more money on average than those who are not college graduates. 

“Cancelling $10,000 in student loan debt per borrower … will cost American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars,” Burke and Kissel said.   

Colleges and universities are also expected to raise tuition costs in light of the forgiveness plan.

On today’s edition of the “Problematic Women” podcast, we explain why Biden’s student loan forgiveness will lead to further inflation. 

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Listen to the podcast below:

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