Being a wife and mother while working full time is a lot. Add homeschooling to the mix? Now you have entered superhero status in our book. 

Marguerite Bowling, a senior communications manager at The Heritage Foundation, is actually no superhero, but she and her husband are committed to their children’s education and upbringing. When Bowling realized how woke her local Maryland school district was, the couple decided to take on the challenge of homeschooling their kindergarten daughter. 

The couple shares the responsibility of schooling their kindergartner, each giving the other time to work and care for their other two young children. It’s not always perfect, Bowling says, and promises she has had more than one or two rough days. But they have found a way to make it work. 

Today, Bowling joins the “Problematic Women” podcast to explain why she and her husband made the choice to homeschool, and how they are doing what many would call “impossible.” 

Also on today’s show, commentator Dennis Prager says the left has heavily influenced what women want, away from their natural desires. Is he right? And Prince Harry of the British royal family says he wants to raise his kids in a more equal world. How much advice should we be taking from the royals? 

And as always, we crown our Problematic Woman of the Week.

Listen to the podcast below: