ORLANDO, Florida—Former President Donald Trump weighed in Saturday evening on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, repeatedly praising Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy for his bravery. 

Ahead of the former president’s remarks at the Conservative Political Action Conference, The Daily Signal asked Trump whether he would take up arms like Zelenskyy if Trump were president during such an invasion. 

“Well, you know, you never know about bravery, some people think they’re brave and they’re not brave, and other people don’t think of themselves as very brave and then they step up,” Trump responded. “You never know until you get tested.”

“He’s being tested at the highest level and so far he’s really shown great leadership and great bravery,” he continued. “They say he was an actor or a comedian and all of that is fine, but he is showing a lot of bravery, so far, and hopefully we won’t have to need that too much longer because maybe things can end.” 

Trump emphasized that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine should not have occurred, saying repeatedly, “This should never have happened.” 

In response to The Daily Signal noting that Zelenskyy has said that he is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “target No. 1,” Trump responded, “That’s what he thinks, I believe he does think that, and it’s probably true.”

“He’s showing great bravery, absolutely,” the former president said of Zelenskyy. 

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