I’m excited to be in a new video that’s out today from The Heritage Foundation, featuring real-time mom reactions to “woke” children’s books that have been read in public schools.

The Heritage digital team sat down with myself, Patrice Onwuka, and Patti Hidalgo Menders, having each of us read several children’s books that promote gender identity and sexual orientation policies.

We read “I Am Jazz,” “Who Are You?: The Kid’s Guide to Gender Identity,” and “My Princess Boy” while offering our feedback, which was blunt at times.

“Now, you know, this is where I get really upset,” said Onwuka halfway through reading “I Am Jazz.”

“Because if I had a little girl, and then a little boy, who says, ‘Oh, I want to be like your little girl,’ says, ‘I’m going to start using the same bathroom,’ at such a tender age where they are still discovering their sexuality and their bodies, I would be so uncomfortable,” said the mother of three who is the economic policy center director at the Independent Women’s Forum as well as the co-host of WMAL DC Radio’s “O’Connor & Co.” 

Menders, a mother of six and president of the Loudoun County Women’s Republican Club, warned, “I think these books are harmful to children because it is not reality.”

“It’s pushing a narrative into this child’s mind to think a certain way, to be a certain way.”

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