Politicians in Washington are trying to impose a federal takeover of elections and force changes to state laws that would allow for greater fraud and tampering.

You’ve helped sound the alarm about the so-called For the People Act, or HR 1.

Now, with opposition mounting, politicians have a new plan they hope to ram through Congress.

Their new bill would eliminate important safeguards that protect our elections. They don’t care that your vote could be canceled out by someone else’s illegal one.  

HR 4, the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, is named after a civil rights icon. But its intent isn’t to protect a right John Lewis and so many others fought for.

In reality, it’s a power grab by politicians who want to manipulate elections to try to stay in office, regardless of what voters want.  

That’s the stuff of Third World banana republics.

Politicians will tell you they’re just trying to stop voter suppression.  

But they aren’t.  

Instead, they want to make it easier for cheaters to commit voter fraud because they think the cheaters will vote for them. It’s that simple.

We’ve seen the bill. We know the truth. And now you do, too.

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