The Black Lives Matter movement is promoting a communist agenda, says investigative journalist James Simpson.

Simpson has done extensive research on the founders of Black Lives Matter and joins the show to explain how the movement is being used to further the goals of the radical progressive left.

Also on today’s show, we read your letters to the editor and share a good news story about how Heritage Action, the grassroots organization of The Heritage Foundation, is backing the blue and rallying all Americans in support of law enforcement. 

Listen to podcast below or read the lightly edited transcript.

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Virginia Allen: I am joined by James Simpson, an investigative journalist and author of the book “The Red-Green Axis: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America.” Mr. Simpson, thanks so much for being here today.

James Simpson:
Hey, Virginia, great to be with you. Thanks for having me.

Allen: So, you’ve done extensive research on Black Lives Matter. You’ve been researching them for a very long time, long before all the events that have transpired over this summer. And actually way back in 2016, you wrote a really interesting article, “Reds Exploiting Blacks: The Roots of Black Lives Matter.” So, let’s begin with those roots. What are the roots of Black Lives Matter?

Well, Black Lives Matter is actually a subsidiary of an umbrella group called the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, now known as Liberation Road, and there [are] two versions of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, but this one, in particular, focuses … it’s a descendant of the new communist movement, which is a Maoist movement. They’re Maoist communists.

And it’s very interesting because, there’s even an article at Heritage talking about how the Black Lives Matter co-founder and a pro-communist China group are partnering up, and there’s been a lot of speculation about communist China actually working in the background to support what’s going on in the streets with Black Lives Matter and Antifa groups.

I mean, this is a very malevolent organization. Its founders, as I’m sure you’ve seen in the recent video, Alicia Garza and Patrisse Cullors both describe themselves as trained Marxists, Opal Tometi, the three of them together came up with the Black Lives Matter hashtag, and that was in 2013 following the Trayvon Martin thing with George Zimmerman in Florida, and then it really blossomed after Michael Brown was shot in Ferguson, Missouri.

But even as far back as then, in those riots in Ferguson, the rioters were trained by Lisa Fithian, who is probably the most prominent anarchist in the United States.

And so, they have always been a radical communist organization, and Nelini Stamp, who came up with the “Hands up, don’t shoot” slogan, said that what we’re really fighting is capitalism, because it’s not working for us anymore. And so really, they make it explicit.

And the trouble is, we don’t get the proper exposure from the media about who these people really are, and what their organizational goals are. What we get instead is this phrase that anybody can get behind, “Black Lives Matter,” of course. And you can make yourself feel good by allying with that message, putting out a sign and proudly showing how you’re not a bigot and a racist, when in fact our country leads the way in showing how a multicultural society can get along, and despite all the efforts to tear us to pieces by these groups—and that’s what their true goal is—we do a very good job of getting along.

It’s actually an amazing job, considering that there are hundreds of different ethnic groups in the United States, hundreds of different cultural backgrounds and, in any other country, any two or three of those could be at war with each other, and in fact, some of them are.

But in the United States, because we have a capitalist system, and because we have a nation founded on Judeo-Christian values, we’ve learned how to assimilate and accommodate people, and we are the leaders of the world, and the world follows us in trying to figure out how to deal with all of these kinds of issues.

So, the entire narrative is wrong, but they’ve never really cared about that. What they care about is, it’s really a military strategy of divide and conquer that will facilitate these communist organizations overthrowing our country as it is, and taking power.

And if you know anything about communism, I’ve studied it for 30 years, you know that they care about nothing except power and wealth for themselves to the exclusion of everyone else.

Allen: So, give me some examples, if you would, of how these communist organizations, this more or less communist mindset, is using Black Lives Matter to further their goals, to further their agenda.

Well, of course, look in the streets. These groups, first of all, they take false narratives. Yes, there are bad police. Yes, there are racists in our society, from all backgrounds, by the way. There are racist blacks. There are racist whites. There are racist Hispanics. But they are not, by far, in the majority in our nation.

In our nation, we all seek to get along and do the best we can, but by deliberately misrepresenting events like the death of George Floyd, they are able to agitate people who have actually basically spent their lives being agitated by a leftist infrastructure.

[In] public schools, we’re being taught that our nation is racist, and incurably racist, and sexist, and homophobic, and every other bad thing.

And so, you have people coming up with no real knowledge of our form of government and our history and all of our challenges, but all of our victories and how we work together to try to fix these problems.

Instead, they’re constantly being agitated and provoked to hatred, and that is what we see. And so, when you have a situation like George Floyd, or the person in Kenosha or Georgia, you have these situations which—if you look at the fact that there are millions of arrests by police every single year—you have a handful of circumstances where those arrests go bad, for one reason or another, or you may even have a corrupt policeman, or a hateful policeman.

They’re few and far between, but they do exist.

But when you take that out of context and present that as indicative of our society, with people who are already primed for rage, and given the excuse to rage, then that’s what we see happening in the streets. And our media is greatly to blame for that.

One thing people don’t talk about, there are twice as many whites killed by police every year as there are blacks, and that’s despite the fact that blacks commit over half of all the murders in our country, despite the fact that there are twice as many whites killed by blacks as the reverse every year, despite the fact that blacks are responsible for 40% of the deaths, the violent deaths, of police officers killed in the line of duty by criminals.

When you take those things into consideration, it’s maybe a little bit more understandable why police are walking on pins and needles when it comes to arresting people, and are afraid for their own lives.

But more to the point, this has been a long-standing strategy of the communists, going all the way back to Vladimir Lenin, who said, “We must write in a language that inspires hate, revulsion, and scorn towards those who disagree with us.” And in the [1940s], the Communist Party of the Soviet Union sent out memos to the communist parties of the world saying, “Whenever people oppose you, call them racist, call them anti-Semites, call them fascists, call them anything that already has a bad connotation in the public mind, and if it’s repeated often enough, it will appeared to be true.”

And that’s what they have been doing, all this time. And as they have infiltrated into the various institutions of our culture and pushed that narrative, it has become a narrative that many people coming up today, going to college, the millennials, they all believe it’s true.

And so, really all it takes is one, or a few, small, sad circumstances. George Floyd was a tragic circumstance. But all it takes is something like that to inflame all these passions, and people don’t even realize, it’s not just something that police pick out blacks to do this to. White kids, white adults, other ethnic groups, people have those same mistakes, but they don’t get publicized like they do when it’s a black, and that’s because much of our media is pushing that whole narrative that we are a racist country that needs fundamental change.

Allen: So, if we look at the founding of Black Lives Matter, what do you think was the original intent of Garza and Cullors and Tometi when they set out to found this movement? I guess what I’m getting at, has Black Lives Matter kind of been hijacked by this communist movement? Or is it really right there in its founding, that it’s always had these threads that link it to this really progressive, radical left movement?

Yeah, no, it was an opportunity waiting to happen, and they jumped on that opportunity following the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. And once again, the true narrative is totally different. Trayvon Martin was attacking George Zimmerman. He was smashing his head against the ground. Zimmerman was afraid for his life, and he shot Trayvon Martin.

Now, you can argue whether or not a private citizen should be prowling his neighborhood at night, armed, looking for potential lawbreakers, which Trayvon Martin clearly was in that circumstance, scoping out houses to break into.

You could argue that those kinds of circumstances might have been avoided if you didn’t have that kind of neighborhood-watch situation, where a guy who wasn’t trained in how to deal with confrontation was out there, nonetheless.

But for example, in the case of Michael Brown, Michael Brown was clearly attempting to take the gun from the officer, and the officer did what he had to do to defend himself, and was within his rights to do, but the whole narrative was flipped upside down.

So this was an opportunistic circumstance where these people felt it was time to create this, and they were, and are, communists all along. And it’s very interesting, they work with the Center for Popular Democracy, which has sidled right up to Black Lives Matter and Antifa, and you know who the Center for Popular Democracy is?

Allen: I don’t.

Simpson: It is the new ACORN.

Allen: OK.

Simpson: Do you remember ACORN?

Allen: I do.

Simpson: Well, it is all the same people, and ACORN was taken down in 2010 when it was exposed that it was really a shadowy organization of 350 front groups, but it didn’t really go away. It just rebranded itself under different names. And now its main organization is the Center for Popular Democracy, and they work with Black Lives Matter.

All of these groups work together, it’s really huge, frankly, and Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Garza, Cullors, and Tometi all worked for Freedom Road Socialist Organization groups.

Alicia Garza worked for the National Domestic Workers Alliance, which is a Freedom Road Organization. Cullors worked for Dignity and Power. Now, she was trained by Eric Mann, who was a former Weather Underground terrorist. So, these people were communists from the beginning, and they saw this situation as an opportunity to exploit the movement, or to basically create the movement.

Allen: There’s so many people that have the Black Lives Matter T-shirt, or have attended a march, and they genuinely have pure intentions. They want to see racism end in our nation. They want to see whites and blacks treated 100% equally.

Simpson: Sure, sure.

Allen: And what do we say to those people? They’re not trying to further a communist movement.


Allen: They have justice on their heart, and that’s certainly not a bad thing.

No, no, it’s certainly not, except it’s based on false premises. Sure, there are instances of racism. There are bad people all around, but I reject the entire notion that blacks face systemic racism. We’ve worked for decades to bring blacks into our communities, into prosperity, and many black people, who I know, agree with me that the systemic racism is a thing of the past.

I live near Baltimore. The Baltimore police, they’ve had a lot of problems. They’ve had a lot of problems with corruption. They’ve had a lot of problems with violence in the inner city, but the inner city is already violent. So, you have to take all this thing with some perspective, and the trouble is the media doesn’t allow us to do that.

Allen: And why do you think that is?

Simpson: We don’t put ourselves in the position of the police making these arrests, because we don’t have any experience with it. But, for example, I know in the case of Freddie [Gray] … in Baltimore, a few years back, the police, on their taking him to the police station, they stopped three separate times to try to be intercepted by an ambulance, which they had called on Freddie Gray’s behalf, and every single time, the ambulance went to the wrong address.

And so, these things just don’t see the light of day. And honestly, I believe it’s because the media, much of the media, not all of it, but much of the media is not only looking for splashy headlines and a lot of attention, many of the media are part of this hard-left movement, because it’s a movement that’s been growing for 100 years, and the communist recognized early on that the most important way to capture a culture is to capture the media, capture Hollywood.

I mean, [Josef] Stalin said, “If I could own Hollywood, I could rule the world,” and he set out to do just that.

And I could talk with you for a half an hour about how that was accomplished, and the names of the people who accomplished it, and the kind of structures they created in the 1930s.

It’s not all over, it’s not throughout Hollywood, but the major part of Hollywood. It’s a big reason why conservatives in Hollywood keep their heads down and try not to identify themselves, because they will be blacklisted. I mean, the blacklist against conservatives in Hollywood is a thousand times bigger than the blacklist against the Hollywood 10 was in the 1940s, through the House Un-American Activities Committee.

So, the media has been targeted because the media controls the narrative of our culture, and that’s what’s happened. And then of course, over the longer term, our educational institutions have been infiltrated, and that I could also discuss the history of that, how it happened, who brought it to the United States, and how it infiltrated into our universities and our secondary schools, because there are individuals behind it.

And it’s no secret, it’s just not a history that 95, or say 99%, of the American public is aware of, precisely because that kind of information is just not reported. You really have to dig and, like myself, be a writer, be a researcher, be an author, to actually find these things

Allen: And you’ve been researching Black Lives Matter for what, five years, is that right?

Well, I wrote that article in 2016, and I’ve kept apprised of what they’ve been doing, as well as so many other… I mean, there are so many other issues that I write about and researched about.

My two books on the red-green axis, I actually have a new one out called the “The Red-Green Axis 2.0: An Existential Threat to America and the World,” that’s taken up the majority of my time since between 2016 and now. But I talk on all of these issues, I research all these issues, and I’ve written hundreds of articles on all these various issues.

And they all intersect, because they’re all part and parcel of the same agenda. A famous radical once said, the issue is never the issue, the issue is always the revolution.

So, you pick any issue that you want, and you will find that, for the hard left, the issue only matters to them in so far as it can advance their cause, and their cause is to overthrow our country and fundamentally change it, and replace it with their communist vision.

Allen: Mr. Simpson, we really appreciate your time today. I will be sure to link both of your books in today’s show notes so that our listeners can keep up with your work, but we just really appreciate you coming on the show, and we appreciate your time.

Simpson: Well, Virginia, thanks so much for having me, and great to be with you.