This week on “Problematic Women”, we sit down with one of America’s newest citizens, Heritage Foundation scholar Romina Boccia, to talk about going through the citizenship process and what becoming a U.S. citizen means to her. We also get her insight on a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey that shows a growing gulf of generational disagreement on some of the most basic things: patriotism, God, and what it means to be an American.

We also break down:

—Taylor Swift doubles down on her support for the Equality Act, calling out President Donald Trump and the White House.
—Planned Parenthood’s new ad campaign, “Bans Off My Body,” probably features your favorite band.
—The left’s politicization of billionaire philanthropist David Koch’s death.
—The College Board’s announcement that it won’t move forward with plans to include a “diversity score” with SAT testing.

Listen to the entire episode below: