SEDALIA, Mo.—As Republicans prepare to unveil the details of their major tax reform proposal this week, a small business owner in America’s heartland is speaking out about how she and her employees could benefit.

“The 1 percent that keeps being talked about, I want them to talk about the other 99 percent, and they don’t because they’re fixated,” said Carla Young, owner of C.J.’s Cleaning Service, LLC.

“They’re anti-Trump and that’s all they want to talk about,” Young said, adding, “Let’s talk about what’s really going to happen for the American people here in the middle that actually are out here working, driving the economy, making America work, and not keep worrying about the ones that are so wealthy. Let’s worry about the people who need the help.”

Young has eight full-time employees, and 28 part-time employees. Hear more about why she and some of her employees support cleaning up the tax code by watching the video above, or read more about her story here.