When I questioned Interior Secretary Sally Jewell at her confirmation hearing, she promised me President Barack Obama would not designate a national monument unless there was widespread support from the local population.

Unfortunately, Obama ignored that promise and designated a monument in San Juan County yesterday.

But this is no time despair. This is a time to double our efforts and make San Juan County great again.

I pledge to you today that I will do everything I can to work with Congress and the incoming Trump administration to undo this monument designation.

But I am not going to stop there. I am then going to do what I can to repeal the Antiquities Act so that future President Obamas can not do this to rural communities ever again.

But I am not going to stop there. I am then going to continue our fight to return power back to the American people. Everyone suffers when we allow power to accumulate in the hands of the few.

This is not the end. This is just the beginning. We will fight this battle together, and we will win.