KURAKHOVO, Ukraine—More than two and a half years after the war in Ukraine began, a cease-fire has failed to stop the fighting. And it’s still too dangerous for many of Ukraine’s 1.7 million internally displaced persons to return home.

For those who fled the conflict, they’ve had to adapt to life as de facto refugees inside their own country. They struggle to meet their most basic needs—food, shelter, access to clean water, and medical care.

>>>‘I Don’t Have Anyone Left’: What Life Is Like for Refugees in Ukraine

This video shows how the stories of those who fled the front lines highlight a simple truth—the cease-fire in Ukraine has failed, and the war isn’t over.

Funding is drying up for humanitarian aid groups as the world’s media attention pivots to the war in Syria and the EU’s refugee crisis. The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine has become a long-term way of life for more than 1 million Ukrainians—a struggle for survival on the edges of a forgotten war. 

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