The $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill sailed through the House on Friday by a vote of 316-113.

Ninety-five Republicans split with House GOP leadership to vote against the spending bill. Another 150 Republicans supported it, while just 18 Democrats opposed it.

Here is the full list of the Republicans who voted against the spending bill (see the complete roll call vote here):

  1. Abraham
  2. Amash
  3. Amodei
  4. Babin
  5. Barletta
  6. Black
  7. Blackburn
  8. Blum
  9. Brat
  10. Bridenstine
  11. Brooks (AL)
  12. Buck
  13. Byrne
  14. Clawson (FL)
  15. Crawford
  16. DeSantis
  17. DesJarlais
  18. Duncan (SC)
  19. Duncan (TN)
  20. Emmer (MN)
  21. Farenthold
  22. Fleming
  23. Forbes
  24. Fortenberry
  25. Franks (AZ)
  26. Garrett
  27. Gibbs
  28. Gohmert
  29. Goodlatte
  30. Gosar
  31. Gowdy
  32. Graves (LA)
  33. Griffith
  34. Guinta
  35. Hardy
  36. Harris
  37. Heck (NV)
  38. Hice, Jody B.
  39. Holding
  40. Hudson
  41. Huelskamp
  42. Hultgren
  43. Hunter
  44. Hurt (VA)
  45. Jenkins (KS)
  46. Johnson, Sam
  47. Jones
  48. Jordan
  49. Kelly (PA)
  50. King (IA)
  51. Labrador
  52. LaHood
  53. LaMalfa
  54. Lamborn
  55. Lance
  56. Latta
  57. Long
  58. Lummis
  59. Marino
  60. Massie
  61. McClintock
  62. McKinley
  63. Meadows
  64. Meehan
  65. Miller (FL)
  66. Mooney (WV)
  67. Mulvaney
  68. Palmer
  69. Perry
  70. Pompeo
  71. Posey
  72. Ratcliffe
  73. Roby
  74. Roe (TN)
  75. Rogers (AL)
  76. Rohrabacher
  77. Rothfus
  78. Salmon
  79. Sanford
  80. Schweikert
  81. Shuster
  82. Smith (MO)
  83. Smith (NE)
  84. Smith (TX)
  85. Stutzman
  86. Tipton
  87. Walker
  88. Webster (FL)
  89. Westerman
  90. Whitfield
  91. Williams
  92. Wittman
  93. Yoho
  94. Young (IA)
  95. Young (IN)

The package of spending and tax extenders represented the combined efforts of House Speaker Paul Ryan and Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. After lengthy negotiations, the two hammered out the deal, and then whipped up bipartisan support for the package.

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Before the vote, conservatives criticized provisions discovered in the bill and complained about policy riders left out of the legislation.

House Freedom Caucus Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, told The Daily Signal he was disappointed the omnibus didn’t include language bolstering security protocol for Syrian refugees and curbing funding to the abortion provider Planned Parenthood.

“This product is disappointing, very disappointing. Everyone understood the Syrian refugee issue was so winnable,” he said. “When you had a veto proof majority, and to not include it, that makes no sense.”

Jordan was referring to refugee legislation passed in the House by a vote of 289-137 in November, with 47 Democrats voting for the legislation.

That legislation, however, was not bundled into the omnibus.

Jordan and other conservatives complained about inclusion of provisions that increase the number of foreign guest workers who can qualify for H-2B visas. They also balked at the inclusion of the Cybersecurity Act.

Earlier this week, House Democrats cited their ability to beat back 150 conservative policy riders as a major victory. Additional conservatives amendments submitted to the House Rules Committee were also rejected and kept from the bill.   

Since picking up the gavel just six weeks ago, Ryan has instituted a number of changes to return the House to what lawmakers consider regular order—a reform effort applauded by some conservatives.

Lawmakers have been racing to reach a spending deal before the end of the year to fund the government and avoid a shutdown. During that process, Ryan actively sought input from rank-and-file members during listening sessions and policy conferences.